You can do anything to man till you damages his pride. I’m not going to justify men on this. But they are so and so. We are caring and loving. At the same time we love us too. Someone said, You can’t love another living-thing unless you love yourself. Sometimes it grows and become ego – Problem!. Once  pride change into ego, then it’ll be disastrous for both parties. So why made man change?

Man will give up anything for his love, so does he for his pride. Ever he given up his pride for something – the hardest thing on earth – it must be for someone more precious than his life.

We don’t care whether you keep flowing pleasantries over us, we can live without them. We can survive even if you left us alone – we enjoy silence.  Let him be the king of his own kingdom, small or large. He’ll be happy. You will be happy.

As proud as Lucifer.
Philip James Bailey

No, I’m not talking about materialistic pride. Like, I have the biggest mansion in the county, I own a “xxxx”. Such pride are worth nothing. You can bash them for the benefit of that person. What I’m talking about is self-esteem. That work as a catalyst for him. His fire.

Though pride is not a virtue, it is the parent of many virtues.
George Chapman

Man may explode, when his pride is shattered and that will be compensated right that moment. Or he continue to keep up anger. Still good, because he is not hiding his feelings. There are still different categories. The heavenly kind, who forgives and given up earthly pride. Hard to find such a guy. However, the deadliest group is yet to follow, They are masters of art. Keep waiting for the time to come. Reaction will be disastrous. You never know who is behind this. Yes, world is changing… so never give yourself a chance to hurt another man’s pride.

I’m no saint, nor you can expect me to keep my pride from turning into ego. But for sure, I’ll be a hard crack. I’ll give sign, if I find myself being hurt, good for you if you stop. Else, I’m the last category. Oh! don’t worry, I’ll not finish you up or make you hurt unless you did that big mistake or come to me within a short period. I’m more forgiving than anybody you can find. But give me some time to heal myself.

There is a paradox in pride: it makes some men ridiculous, but prevents others from becoming so.
Charles Caleb Colton

I know, you are bored enough. But keep away is this: Never, ever hurt a Man’s Pride.

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